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Fiat 600

List of spare parts

  Shock absorber  
  Front logo  
Front Logo (Seat 600 E) Metal  
Front Logo (600 L) Plastic  

Front Logo (600 D y N)


  Dashboard logo  
Rear Logo (Seat 600 D)  
  Automatic start  
  Door black plastic handle  
  Tray under dashboard that connects internal corners  
Water push  
Front brake cylinder  
Rear brake cylinder  
Brake pump  
  Wiper Arms  
Fuel pump(600 E)  
Original Fuel pump (600 E)  
Sparking plugs  
Accelerator cable  
  Clutch cable  
  Timing chain  
Carburator 600 D E y L y 850 N. ( 28 y 30 mm)  
Caps and bolts  
Bed caps 0,30  
Logo centre 600 D  
Engine lock  
Wiper water bottle  
Timing chain kit  
Fringe bevel trim (600 D-N)  
Stainless rear plate trim 28x20  
Rectangular chrome mirror

Rounded shape mirror



  Air filtre cartridge  
Mud flaps D ó E (seat)  

Door opening rubber with metalic reinforced eyelets

Front light indicator rubber cover  
Windshield, rear glass rubber profile  
Clutch, brake pedal rubber cover  
Door rubber profile  
Frame door rubber profile  
Jack restraining rubber  
  Spare tyre restraining rubber  
  Bearing dust covers  
  Indicator lateral light  
Carburetor repairing kit  
  Gearbox repairing kit  
  Rocket cover gasket  
Front brake hose  
Rear brake hose  
Full light control rod wheel (plastic control)  
Full light control rod wheel (metal control)  
Chromed handle 600 E  
  Interior handle (plastic)  
Interior handle (metalic)  
Exterior handle with key 600 N , D  
Exterior handle with key 600 L , 850  

Bumper guard

(600 N)


Grey carpet  
Black carpet  
Red carpet  

Bumpers (600 N)

3-micron Chrome.

  Front indicator lights  
(600 D)  
Rear tail lights E-L  
plate light Lampholder (rear lid) Plastic  
plate light Lampholder (rear lid) Metalic  
Wiper water spray  
Steering forwarding 500-600 850  
Chromed slip 600 E (pulling handle)  
Timing cover retainer 600. 63-56 X 42 X 7 mm  

Bumper chromed spacer (600 N)

  distributor cap  
Seat upholstery  
Door and rear panels upholstery  
  Exhaust pipe D-E-N  
Exhaust pipe L  
  Brake pads  






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